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Winning Welsh Government Business

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Winning Our Business
The Welsh Government is a large organisation. Measured in corporate terms, we would be a FTSE 100 company! Our turnover is over £14 billion per annum and we have around 5,000 employees serving 3 million customers.

We have a vision of a public service based on shared common goals and the capacity to work across organisational boundaries. Our mission is to promote improvements in Wales' public services - enabling them to become:

  • more citizen focused; 
  • more responsive to the needs of communities; 
  • more focused on equality and social justice; and
  • more efficient and effective.

Our corporate procurement team is the internal-facing arm of Value Wales and its aim is to help the Welsh Government to achieve efficiency and improved value for money in the delivery of public services.

The Welsh Government follows a recognised procurement route to ensure that all who carry out procurement activities understand and follow the same procedures. This plays a key role in the efficient and cost effective delivery of goods and services for the Welsh Government.

When we buy goods and services we:

  • follow routes that are ethical, accountable and compliant with procedural, legal and international obligations;
  • achieve continuing improvement in value for money; and 
  • aim to simplify the process of bidding for our potential suppliers.

We follow procedures that are appropriate to the value of goods and services being purchased. For lower-value contracts we will initially look for suppliers that have registered on sell2wales.

Below £5,000 (exclusive of VAT)

Purchases under this value are not subject to competition and we need only to obtain a quote from a single supplier.

£5,001 to £24,999 (exclusive of VAT)

When we purchase goods and services within this price range we obtain written quotations from at least 3 suppliers. We invite bids from suppliers using our "invitation to quote" documents.

£25,000 to £101,323 (exclusive of VAT)

If we estimate the value of our purchase to be above £25,000 but below £101,323 we undertake a full competitive tender under sealed bid conditions. We usually invite between 5 and 8 suppliers to tender using our "invitation to tender" documents. We endeavour to advertise all of these requirements on sell2wales.

£101,323 (exclusive of VAT)

Goods and services contracts above £156,442 research and development contracts above £139,893 and works contracts above £3,927,260 are all subject to EU Public Procurement Regulations.

What do we look for in a supplier?

You need to demonstrate, through competition, that you can provide us with the best value for money.

"Value for money" does not necessarily mean "cheapest" - we are interested in innovative solutions and the quality of your service. We are also interested in the economic, environmental and social impacts of goods and services both in the short and long-term.