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Local service boards

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Community strategies are intended to bring together all those who can contribute to the future of communities within a local authority area.
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Local Service Boards (LSBs) are where the leaders of local public and third sector organisations come together to take collective action to ensure public services are effective and citizen focussed.

The purpose of Local Services Boards (LSBs) is to deliver benefits for citizens through strengthening joint working across all public services in Wales.


  • improve the quality of life and joined-up service delivery for citizens in their areas
  • provide the leadership to ensure that difficult issues across public services are confidently managed not avoided or ignored
  • stimulate integration, co-ordination and co-operation between local, regional and national public sector organisations
  • set an example of innovative, citizen-focused leadership at the heart of the local partnership and delivery system
  • ensure an effective whole system response to the needs of citizens by pooling resources
  • "unblock blockages" by removing bureaucracy or other obstacles.