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Non-Domestic (business) Rates

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Non Domestic Rates (NDR) are also known as Business Rates and are a property tax paid by non domestic properties.

They are a property tax paid on non-domestic properties. They are the means by which businesses and other users of non-domestic property contribute towards the costs of local authority services.

NDR are calculated by taking the Rateable Value (RV) of a property and multiplying it by the NDR 'multiplier' or 'poundage' for the year in question. The Valuation Office Agency (VOA), which is independent of the Welsh Government, values properties for the purposes of charging NDR and assigns the RV.

The Welsh Government sets the multiplier each year: It is normally the case that the multiplier is set according to the Retail Price Index (RPI) figure as at the September preceding the financial year to which the multiplier applies, and it cannot be increased by more than that figure. However The Non-Domestic Rating (Multiplier) (Wales) Order 2014 has capped the increase to 2 per cent, and the multiplier for the financial year 2014-15 is 0.473.

There are various reliefs available which can help to reduce the rates bill for a business or other non-domestic property. The Welsh Government pays 100 per cent of mandatory rate reliefs and a percentage, in some cases up to 90 per cent, of discretionary reliefs. A business can appeal against its RV if it thinks it is incorrect.

All NDRs are collected and paid in to the Welsh Government's Non-Domestic Rates Pool. They are then redistributed back to local authorities as part of the local government revenue settlement each year.

Further information

Business Rates Relief in Wales (external link) is a Government-funded site, designed to provide businesses with a single source of clear and concise information on business rates.

If you have concerns about the valuation of your home or business the Valuation Tribunal Wales (external link) may be able to help you.