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About this topic

We know how important our older and ageing population are. In this context Age Discrimination is still a big issue that older people face and that we must tackle.

The Welsh Government recognises and celebrates the contribution that older people make as volunteers, carers, community leaders, employees and most importantly as individuals with a richness of experience to share with other generations.

The Strategy for Older People represents the Welsh Government’s vision of challenging discrimination and negative stereotypes of ageing and celebrate longer life as an opportunity.

Since 2003 , we have achieved a number of successes that have attracted national and international recognition and include:

  • The creation of an Older People’s Commissioner
  • A National Partnership Forum for Older People to advise ministers on ageing issues
  • A consistent structure of coordinators, champions and local older people’s fora in every local authority area 
  •  Strengthened age organisations in the Welsh third sector 
  •  The establishment of the Older People and Ageing Research and Development Network (OPAN Cymru) 
  •  A developed evidence base to demonstrate that the investment into the Strategy has been repaid through collaborative efforts around income maximisation and preventative programmes.

However we recognise that we still have a long way to go.  We want to continue to pursue our ambition to make Wales a great place to grow old.  We will do this by:

  • Reviewing the second phase of the Strategy for Older People by April 2012
  • Launching a new third phase in 2013
  • Introducing a Social Services Bill
  • Delivering the transformation vision set out in Sustainable Social Services – a framework for action

Gwenda Thomas AM is the Minister responsible for Older People.

David Sissling is the Director General for Health and Social Services.