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Help and advice on how to save energy around the home.
We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live in a good quality home within a secure and safe community.

By providing high quality support services, suitable housing, and modifications older people can remain independent for longer. Making this happen requires co-ordinated work between housing, health and social care services.

Connecting these services will address the needs of both the individual and the property together, while making best use of resources. We are working closely with all our partner organisations to provide good quality housing for older people and to develop communities where people will want to live now and in the future.

Improvement Grants: What is available?

  • Home repair assistance assists older people with minor repairs to help keep them in their own homes;
  • Means-tested Disabled Facilities Grants help disabled people to modify their homes;
  • the Rapid Response Adaptations Programme is designed to enable people to leave hospital or residential care as soon as they are able to.

Care and Repair agencies advise on grants and provide other practical help and advice on improvements. They play an important role in relieving the anxiety created by disrepair, reduce the potential for exploitation by disreputable “cowboy” builders and ensure that older people are aware of all the assistance available to them.

For more information on the help available and details of your local Care and Repair agency visit the Care and Repair Cymru website (external link).