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Organisations working for older people in Wales

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Sarah Rochira is the Commissioner for Older People in Wales.

The Welsh Government recognises that many other organisations across Wales are working for older people. Their contribution is invaluable to reaching our shared goal of improving the lives of older people in Wales.

The following organisations work with older people in Wales, either directly supporting them or working on their behalf:

  • Age Cymru - works to improve the lives of all older people in Wales. It does this by influencing policy development and increasing awareness of the issues that affect older people. It offers free welfare rights advice for older people and their carers, as well as running programmes and publishing research.
  • Age Alliance Wales -  is a group of national voluntary organisations that work with and for older people in Wales. Members include Age Cymru, The Stroke Association and the Royal National Institute for the Blind.
  • Beth Johnson Foundation - works to connect practice to policy. The Foundation frequently publishes its research and takes part in conferences.
  • Wales Institute for Health and Social Care (WIHSC), University of Glamorgan - undertakes research and consultation to find the best links between policy, research and practice.