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The Strategy for Older People in Wales: Annual Report 2008-09

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The objective of the work reported here was to undertake a review on the National Partner Organisations for Phase 1 of the Strategy for Older People in Wales.
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Partnership and progress are the terms that mark this 6th Annual Report on the Strategy for Older People in Wales and is the first one for this 2nd phase of the Strategy.

This year the focus has been on mainstreaming the ageing agenda. Within the Welsh Assembly Government we have worked to raise awareness of the implications of our ageing society across all policy portfolios, with local government we have supported the coordinators in taking mainstreaming forward within their local authority. We have supported and participated in practical training sessions to demonstrate clearly how strategy can be translated into outcomes.

This approach is starting to reap rewards nationally and locally, but we still have long way to go. Examples such as the recent Community Cohesion Strategy saw the positive contribution of older people recognised. 2009/10 will see us building on this solid start for the future.

The first year of implementing the second phase of the Strategy has been one founded upon partnership and collaboration, working with our internal colleagues, local government and the voluntary sector to improve the lives of our older people.