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Communities First

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This capital grant fund aims to develop and improve facilities for communities in order to tackle poverty and its effects.
Reducing poverty, particularly persistent poverty, in some of our poorest areas and communities is at the centre of the Welsh Government’s policy agenda.
We want to see all our citizens having access to affordable financial products and the confidence and capability to use them safely and responsibly.
Flying Start is the Welsh Government targeted Early Years programme for families with children under 4 years of age in some of the most deprived areas of Wales.
Families First aims to improve family support, particularly to disadvantaged families, by working on the structure, design and delivery of preventative and early interventions.
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Communities First is a community focussed programme that supports the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty agenda.

It supports the most disadvantaged people in our most deprived areas with the aim of contributing to alleviating persistent poverty.

Communities First Delivery Teams funded by the Welsh Government will work with residents, community organisations, business and other key agencies in these areas, called Clusters, and will focus on actions leading to the long term sustainability and wellbeing of communities. Involving local people in all aspects of this work is an essential feature of the programme.

Communities First aims to contribute, alongside other programmes, to narrowing the education/skills, economic and health gaps between our most deprived and more affluent areas.

The Programme has three strategic objectives helping to achieve these outcomes:

  • Prosperous Communities 
  • Learning Communities
  • Healthier Communities

All 52 Clusters were approved by the end of January 2013, with funding totalling around £75 million up to March 2015. The programme is also supported by training and support contracts.