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Rural Enterprise Dwelling Monitoring Returns

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Planning advice to help deliver sustainable rural communities.
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Statistics on planning applications for homes required to enable rural enterprise workers to live at, or close to, their place of work.

The Rural Enterprise Dwelling Monitoring process collects data from each Welsh local authority. It does this to monitor how many rural enterprise dwelling planning applications are consented and refused over a financial year.

Please refer to Technical Advice Note 6 Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities for a definition of Rural Enterprise Dwellings.

Please note this year (2013) we have made an amendment to the way the data is presented.  In the previous two years applications to remove occupancy conditions were included not only in columns 7 and 8 (applications to lift occupancy conditions, granted and refused) but also in columns 2 and 3 (applications granted and refused).  It was felt that this could cause misinterpretation of the results.  Columns 2 and 3 now relate exclusively to applications for new rural enterprise dwellings.