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Planning Policy Wales (Edition 6, February 2014)

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Each Technical Advice Note (TAN) provides detailed planning advice on a different subject.
Circulars give guidance on planning procedures.
We have made sustainable development our central organising principle. This means we make it central to everything we do and decisions we take.
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Planning Policy Wales booklet
This document contains current land use planning policy for Wales.

It provides the policy framework for the effective preparation of local planning authorities’ development plans.

This is supplemented by 22 topic based Technical Advice Notes (TANs). Procedural guidance is given in Welsh Office / National Assembly for Wales / Welsh Government circulars.

Planning Policy Wales, the TANs and the circulars may be material to decisions on individual planning applications. They will be considered by the Welsh Ministers and Planning Inspectors in the determination of called-in planning applications and appeals.

Planning Policy Wales can be downloaded below. It includes web links for all the reference documents.

The full document below is a relatively large file (5MB) and may take some time to download. The individual chapters are also available below and are smaller.

The summaries of the changes made to the previous editions of Planning Policy Wales and a summary of the latest changes are also available.

How to use this document

The documents referenced and explanatory notes mentioned in Planning Policy Wales are available as bookmarks within the document. They are also listed at the end of each chapter. These documents and notes provide information that should be read with Planning Policy Wales.

Planning Policy Wales is published electronically only. Proposed changes will be consulted upon as draft planning policy changes and, once agreed, will be published in a new edition of Planning Policy Wales.