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Climate change is the way the world's climate is changing as a result of the level of gases in the atmosphere. These pages tell you what we are doing.
Find out more about planning policy, decision-making, development plans, research and statistics.
We funded local authority projects to create tranquil green spaces and improve air quality for poorer communities.
Plan of the Mill in Cardiff

Our vision of a Sustainable Wales is set out in our Sustainable Development scheme.

It is for good quality development to be the norm and all new buildings to be constructed to the highest energy and water efficiency standards. We will move towards a zero carbon standard for all new buildings. New development and infrastructure will be located, designed and constructed to minimise travel needs.

The design of our villages, towns, cities and the urban and rural landscape is a reflection of our nation and culture. Good sustainable design helps improve our quality of life. The quality of Wales’ varied landscape and townscapes help to sustain a positive image for Wales. We want good design in our built and natural environments which deliver economic, social and environmental wellbeing for the people of Wales.

We have facilitated sustainable design by:

  • establishing the Design Commission for Wales; 
  • establishing the Wales Low/Zero Carbon Hub; 
  • through amending the planning system by requiring applicants to accompany most planning applications with a Design and Access Statement; 
  • setting future changes to Welsh building regulations; 
  • setting minimum standards as a core condition of grant funding; 
  • developing masterplans; and 
  • setting minimum design standards for housing, education and healthcare buildings. 

Help for businesses

Businesses in Wales can go on-line or visit their Regional Centre for environmental support. Find out how your business can reduce their carbon emissions and increase resource efficiency.

Visit: Business.Wales website (external link)