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Climate change is the way the world's climate is changing as a result of the level of gases in the atmosphere. These pages tell you what we are doing.
Our policies and actions to help create a sustainable, low carbon economy for Wales.
We want to protect and enhance the Welsh environment so that it can continue to provide us with good quality air, water, soil, landscapes and biodiversity.
Safeguarding and improving the Welsh environment is very important to us.

Governments across the UK are working together to take forward sustainable development in the UK, and internationally.

The four administrations their approach to Sustainable Development, set out in their shared UK Framework One Future: Different Paths.

Visit: UK Framework One Future: Different Paths (external link)

The framework has 5 principles:

  • living within environmental limits;
  • ensuring a strong, healthy and just society;
  • achieving a sustainable economy;
  • promoting good governance; and
  • using sound science responsibly.

Four priorities for UK-wide action are set. These are:

  • Climate Change and Energy;
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production;
  • Natural Resource Protection and Environmental Enhancement; and
  • Sustainable Communities.

Progress will be monitored against a set of indicators.