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Sustainable Development Charter

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This document sets out our vision of a sustainable Wales.
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We will use our Sustainable Development Charter to encourage and enable organisations in Wales to become more sustainable.

The Charter:

  • Sets out our vision of a sustainable Wales;
  • Links the central organising principle to the pursuit of the long-term wellbeing of people and communities in Wales;
  • Describes the benefits making Sustainable Development your organisation’s central organising principle;
  • Sets out the commitment that you are making by signing up; and
  • Explains the next steps we will take to support Charter.

Signing up to the charter

We have provided support and advice for organisations. Charter members are invited to an annual event to share learning and experiences with others, and to showcase best practice examples of their work.

The Charter network is supported by Cynnal Cymru. If your organisation wants to sign up to the Sustainable Development Charter, please register via their website (External link).

The Charter network is supported by a LinkedIn Group and Cynnal Cymru's webpages.

Visit: Sustainable Development Charter LinkedIn Group (external link)

Visit: Sustainable Development Charter pages on Cynnal Cymru's website (external link)