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Regional Tourism Partnerships

Regional Tourism Partnerships (RTPs) aim to join all sectors of the tourism industry together at a regional level

Welsh Government gives resources to the RTPs who provide marketing, product investment and business support to the tourism industry. 

They work in partnership with us, Welsh tourism businesses and local authorities. There are 4 RTPs in Wales. They work with their partners to provide marketing for the region and support for tourism businesses, often via the Tourism Associations, which includes training and investment in the tourism offer.

Objectives contained in each annual business plan are closely monitored.  They report to a management board comprising of equal public/private sector membership.

Tourism Partnership North Wales (external link) - 01745 585440  

Tourism Partnership Mid Wales  (external link) - 01654 705940   

South West Wales Tourism Partnership (external link) - 01558 669091

Capital Region Tourism (external link) - 02920 417194