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Active Travel: Walking and cycling

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The Welsh Government is consulting on which places in Wales requirements to map and make year on year improvements to active travel routes and facilities should apply to.
There are rights of way to walk on 20% of Wales – this includes the Wales Coast Path.
Illuminated walk and cycling signal on a traffic light
Walking and cycling are enjoyable and sustainable activities which can improve your health and help tackle climate change.

There are lots of benefits that we can gain from active travel:

  • the benefits to our health of cycling and walking more, far outweigh the potential risks from accidents and exposure to air pollution
  • cycling and walking more lessens the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  • sickness absence related to physical inactivity costs the UK economy around £5.5 billion each year - however, an increase in physical activity of over one hour per week (eg 90 minutes), easily achieved through walking or cycling to work, could lead to a measurable reduction in levels of absenteeism
  • cycling and walking saves money on petrol costs and parking charges
  • cycling and walking is better for the environment, reducing pollution levels.

These pages set out what we are doing to help people in Wales walk and cycle more as part of their everyday lives.