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National Transport Plan

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This report covers the Screening and Appropriate Assessment stages of HRA. The assessments have been based on the content of the final National Transport Plan.
This assessment was carried out at an early stage in the development of the National Transport Plan, and has been revised throughout the process of engagement and consultation.
During the development of the National Transport Plan (NTP) a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was undertaken.
The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the process and activities involved in developing and testing the emerging National Transport Plan (NTP).
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The National Transport Plan sits alongside the Regional Transport Plans in delivering the Wales Transport Strategy.

This Plan details our approach to putting transport onto a carbon reduction pathway, whilst at the same time ensuring that it can continue to support sustainable economic development and social inclusion.

This Government is committed to prioritise the interventions of the existing National Transport Plan. This has now been completed and published. The prioritisation of the National Transport Plan has brought forward investment that will make the transport system in Wales work better to help tackle poverty, increase well-being and assist economic growth.