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Local Safety Schemes

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Local Safety Schemes on the Welsh motorway and trunk road network are identified by collision clusters and/or high collision rates by the three Trunk Road Agents.

The ‘Guidelines for the Submission of Road Safety Schemes’ document produced by Halcrow for the Trunk Road Agents promotes consistency in developing road safety schemes and presenting the proposals to the Welsh Government. It includes a mechanism by which the developed schemes can be prioritised to ensure that those providing the greatest benefits are promoted.

Specifically, the document contains a methodical approach to:

  • Identifying routes and sites and establishing a site priority listing (i.e. those sites that will become the subject of formal investigation and report);
  • Site investigation and conflict studies;
  • Consistency in preparing bid submissions; and
  • Prioritising road safety schemes.

All schemes are selected and developed using evidence-based decision making and a value for money approach.

Bids for the implementation of potential safety schemes are then submitted on an annual basis for consideration by the Welsh Government.