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Grants to promote the Welsh language

The Welsh Government is inviting organisations to apply for grants under its programme to promote the Welsh language.

The grants will support the objectives of the Welsh Ministers’ Welsh Language Strategy for 2012-2017 - A living language: a language for living .

The strategy aims to see an increase in the number of people able to speak Welsh and the number that use it. The main focus of the grants will be to support activities that:

  • encourage and support the use of the Welsh language within families
  • increase the provision of Welsh medium activities for children and young people and increase their awareness of the value of the language
  • strengthen the position of the Welsh language in the community.

Applications will also be considered under the other areas of the strategy, which are:

  • to increase opportunities for people to use Welsh in the workplace
  • to improve Welsh language services to citizens
  • to strengthen the infrastructure for the language, including technology and media.

The application process for 13/14 is now closed.